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Food Art Week: Plaster of Paris and Felt Sandwiches

While teaching with Created by Kids, I taught an off-site studio course at the Greene Hill School Summer Day Camp. Every week we focussed on a new theme. Below are images from FOOD ART week.



First we looked at two artists who often used food as the subject matter of their art: Wayne Thiebaud and Claes Oldenburg.

wayne_thiebaud_sandwich  claes_oldenburg

Students planned out their sandwich sculpture by drawing their ingredients first. Then we cut out the shapes of the ingredients using different colored felt cloth.

food_sketch  food_sketch2

Next we made the bread using cardboard cutouts and plaster of paris gauze cloth. Once they were dry we painted them and added details like the crust and grains.

food_plaster  breadfactory

After the sandwiches were complete, we celebrated by sharing our work through a class picnic!


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