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Killer Heels: Shoe Designs and Color Theory by 4th and 5th Graders

Fourth and fifth grade students studied and discussed various shoe designs throughout this Unit of Study inspired by the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s Killer Heels exhibition from the 2014-2015 season. After a unit on Matisse in which we studied organic and geometric shapes, rhythm & movement, and contrast, we discussed various shoe designs found in the exhibition, and then moved forward to discuss the way color can effect a design. After several preliminary studies in which students learned about how to use monochromatic, analagous, and complementary color schemes to their advantage as designers, students chose a visual inspiration and shoe type they would use for their final design. Below are examples of this end-of-unit-task.

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killerheels_inspiration02  killerheels_example02

killerheels_inspiration03  killerheels_example03


killerheels_inspiration05  killerheels_example05

killerheels_inspiration04  killerheels_example04

killer_heels_inspiration01  killer_heels_example01


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