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High School (9th-12th Grade)

In the Spring of 2008, I taught art to high schoolers in grades 9-12 at Williston High School in Williston, Florida. Students in my advanced classes were given the opportunity to work on a mural to cover one of the outside walls on the school grounds. The unit was presented as a competition whereby teams of artist students submitted proposals and plan drawings for this mural. We looked at famous artists’ murals and examples of murals around our town. Each student voted on their favorite mural proposal, and then everyone participated in the painting of the winning proposal, with the winning team members taking a leadership role as the project developed.

The winning design focussed on the wonderful qualities and activities of our school, and on the lone student’s experience traversing this path in life.


IMG_2176  IMG_2101

IMG_2173  IMG_2172




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